Month: May 2018

Sausage dog blows up like a balloon

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A sausage dog ‘blew up like a balloon’ when an injury to his windpipe caused his body to fill with air. Vets from Willows Veterinary Group were amazed when four-year-old dachshund, Trevor, was rushed in to the group’s Beech House surgery in Warrington – three…

Fat cat beats the bulge

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A fat cat has won the battle with the bulge shedding the equivalent of three bags of sugar. Roly-poly Ringo used to munch massive meals until he was put on a strict diet. Now he’s lost 35 per cent of his body weight, thanks to…

Canine acupuncture gives dog a new lease of life

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A “DEPRESSED” dog suffering with stiff joints and severe back pain has come on leaps and bounds thanks to animal acupuncture. Alfie the Labradoodle used to “walk like Bambi” before he started the alternative treatment at The Firs Veterinary Surgery in Kelsall, part of Willows…

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