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Dimmingsdale. North Staffordshire

Dog Walks: 6 great places to walk your dog

January is ‘Walk Your Pet Month’, and what better excuse to get out in the fresh air and go exploring with your 4 pawed friend than on some of our favourite dog walks!   Here are our favourite places to go for a wander and…

Firework Advice for Dog Owners

Firework Advice For Dog Owners

We’ve written this blog giving firework advice for dog owners from a veterinary perspective to help to reduce the stress for both you and your dog during the firework season. Dogs are not used to loud noises such as fireworks and have acute hearing which…

Dog Scratching

Skin Problems

From time to time you may notice that your cat or dog is not looking as pristine as they usually do. There are many causes of skin problems including allergies (seasonal and food), parasites, bacterial infections and stress. The typical symptoms may include: Flaky or…

Dog with toothbrush

Would you know if your dog has toothache?

Dental care is a very important part of health care in pets, yet it is frequently underestimated and overlooked by owners. Dental disease is very common in dogs, cats and rabbits. It can cause halitosis (bad breath), difficulty eating, gum infections which can lead to…

Pet Poisons

There are many toxic hazards around your home and garden including medicines, cleaning products, pesticides and plants.  Puppies can be exposed to these toxins in a number of different ways including ingestion, contact with the skin or eyes and inhalation. If you think your puppy…

Vet examination for pet travel after brexit

Brexit and Pet Travel – Urgent Update (Nov 2018)

In preparation for Brexit, the government are preparing for worst case scenarios which may impact on the many aspects of our lives. As part of this, DEFRA have issued an update on what will happen if the UK leaves the EU in March 2019 without…

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