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There are always lots of questions about vaccinating your pet – What do vaccines protect against? How old should be pet be? Do they really need boosters?

It all comes down to keeping our pets as healthy as possible, and vaccinations will help to do just that!

Why do your pets need to have vaccinations?

What do the vaccinations cover?

Vaccinations protect your pet from common diseases. The coverage of the vaccinations will depend on what kind of pet you have.

Routine annual vaccinations will protect your pets from:

All Willows branches can provide these vaccinations. We also offer routine vaccinations and boosters against:

When should your pet get vaccinated?

Pets should be vaccinated when they are young, to protect them as they grow.

Did you know that initial vaccinations are included in our puppy and kitten packs?

If you are unsure of when your pet last had their vaccinations, they will need to restart their vaccination program. If you are concerned about this, please contact your local Willows practice for advice.

Once your pet has finished their course of vaccinations, they will need annual boosters to keep them protected. Just remember if you miss one of your pet’s boosters, they may have to start their vaccine course all over again. So, keep them up to date!

Will my pet have any reactions to the vaccinations?

The chance of your pet becoming unwell after having their vaccinations is very low. Vaccinations aren’t harmful to your pet, they protect them! They may feel a little under the weather for a day or two while their body builds up the immunity it needs to. But if you are ever concerned about your pet’s wellbeing, please contact us!

Should you vaccinate house pets?

Yes, you should still get your pet vaccinated if they never leave the house. Your pet is still at risk of picking up harmful diseases even in the home. These gems could come from vaccinated pets that also live in the house, or pets that visit your home. Keep them safe, keep them vaccinated!

Travelling aboard?

If you are planning on taking your pet aboard with you, they will need to fully vaccinated. You will need to have proof that your pet’s vaccinations are up to date before travelling. Vets can provide you with the correct paperwork you will need. If you have any questions, please contact your local Willows branch.

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