Firework Awareness

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Did you know it is estimated that 80% of pets show signs of fear or distress related to fireworks?

Because pets only hear fireworks for a limited time each year, they do not have the opportunity to become desensitised to the noise.

We are here to help – speak to one of our practices today to see how we can support you and your pets. Read below on some of our top tips for the firework season:


Clinical Animal Behaviourists are an excellent option to help a dog who is distressed by the firework season. You can find one in your area here contact us and we can help refer you and your dog.


Many cats are fearful of fireworks.

Cats like to have a bolt hole – somewhere that they feel safe and secure. This may be under furniture or on top of cupboards.

Outdoor Rabbits/ and Guinea Pigs

House Rabbits


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