Firework Advice For Dog Owners

Firework Advice for Dog Owners

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We’ve written this blog giving firework advice for dog owners from a veterinary perspective to help to reduce the stress for both you and your dog during the firework season.

Dogs are not used to loud noises such as fireworks and have acute hearing which makes fireworks a more intense experience for them. Along with the added odour produced by fireworks and a dog’s sensitive nose, this can be frightening. It is estimated that around 45% of dogs are scared of fireworks; this can be due to not being exposed to loud noises when they were a puppy or a noise related traumatic event meaning they can become stressed and anxious easily.

It is important to be able to recognise when your dog is showing signs of distress and when to intervene.

Signs your dog may be stressed:

It is important to take steps to ensure your pet’s safety as it is their survival instinct to run away from fireworks.

Firework advice for dog owners to help reduce stress for your dog:

We’ve produced a short video to demonstrate some of these points

Different dogs will respond to different solutions better than others so it is essential to find which ones work for your dog and implement them. Having trouble finding out what works best for your dog, contact your local vet

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