Transporting Your Cat to the Vets

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Here are our top ten tips for transporting your cat to the clinic

1) Make sure when you are travelling to the vets that your cat is secure in its basket.
2) Choose a solid carrier basket with an opening at the front and on the top. A basket with a removable top is ideal so that your cat can be examined whilst still in its carrier.
3) When at home, leave the basket open with food and toys so that your cat can get used to it
4) Leave a blanket in the basket that has your scent, or your cats scent on it. To help reduce anxiety when taking your cats to the vets we recommend that you spray the blanket with a soothing pheromone (Feliway). It also helps if you have accustomed your cat to regular short journeys in the car.
5) Before your journey to the vets calmly pick your cat up and place him/her in the carrier via the top opening. If they resist calmly wrap them in a towel impregnated with a pheromone spray.
6) When travelling in the car secure the basket either on the seat with the seat belt across and cover the basket with a towel. Talk to your cat on the journey.
7) When carrying the basket from your car try not to bang the basket against your legs. Hold the basket in front of you with one hand on the handle and the other hand underneath the basket.
8) On arrival at the surgery we will direct you to the area reserved for cats. Place the basket so that your cat can see you.
9) Stop feeding your cat several hours before travelling.
10) When returning home follow the same protocol. If you have a multi cat household do not let your cat out immediately. If the other cats are calm then you can let him/her out. If not then we advise isolating your cat for 24 hours before returning him/her to your other cats.

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