Immunisation Awareness Month

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It’s August! Which means a few things… school’s out, the sun is out and it’s also Immunisation Awareness Month!

All Willows branches can provide your pet with their routine annual vaccinations, to prevent against:

Species Vaccination
Dog Hepatitis, Parvovirus and Leptospirosis
Cat Flu, Enteritis, Leukaemia
Rabbit Myxomatosis, VHD1, VHD2

Like with our own immunisations, making sure your pet is protected against viruses and disease is important if you want them to live a long and healthy life. We understand that this can be a controversial topic, but we’d like to share why we feel it is important for your pet to get their jabs, and that they are kept up to date.


 1. Vaccinations boost your pet’s immunity

Like with any vaccination, it is designed to be a preventative measure, rather than a cure. Your pet is injected with a weak or a very small amount of a disease, which isn’t enough to make your pet poorly, but encourages their immune system build antibodies to destroy it. Then, if your pet catches the disease in the future, their body can fight it efficiently with the antibodies that they made to fight the disease in the vaccine.


2. Once your pet has completed an initial vaccine course, they will only need an annual booster

Immunity to some diseases declines with time, but once your pet has completed an initial course of vaccines, they will only need a yearly booster. If your pet misses their yearly booster, they will need to start the initial course of vaccinations again to ensure they have maximum protection.


3. Serious reactions to vaccines are very rare

Your pet may feel a little under the weather for a day or two after their vaccination, whilst their body builds its immunity. The chance of your pet having a serious reaction to their vaccination is very rare. If you are concerned about your pet having a reaction to a vaccine, contact us and one of our experienced vets will be able to help you make an informed decision.


4. You can get your pet vaccinated for several diseases at our practices

We don’t just offer routine vaccinations and boosters at our practices; we can also offer your pet the following:

Give us a call to find out more.


5. Your pet should still be vaccinated even if they don’t leave your home

Even if your pet never leaves their home, they are still at risk of catching a disease. Other pets that live with or visit you may be carrying a disease without knowing, so it is important that you get your pets vaccinated.


If you aren’t sure if your pet is due their vaccines, give us a call.

If your pet is due their vaccinations, it is a perfect time to join the thousands of clients benefitting from our Pet Health Club which includes discounted annual vaccinations, a 6 monthly health check, preventative parasite treatments* and further discounts on selected other products and treatments for a fixed monthly fee. Find out more here.

If you have a new puppy or kitten, you can take advantage of our Kitten or Puppy Pack which is an all-in-one package which includes your pet’s initial vaccinations, along with other benefits, giving them the best possible start in life. Find out more about it here.

*Dispensed quarterly, for cat and dog packages only

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