How to make sure your pet is comfortable during firework season

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As firework season is approaching us, we through we would share some tips on how to keep your pets comfortable while fireworks are being let off.

Unlike humans, our pets find firework season very frightening and stressful. It is estimated that 45% of dogs in the UK, show signs of being scared or distress when they hear the loud bangs from fireworks. Due to a lot of our pets only hearing fireworks a limited number of times they aren’t used to the loud bangs or flashing lights. They don’t have the time to desensitise themselves from the noises.

Your pets have very acute hearing and smell. This means their hearing and sense of smell is very sensitive, so loud bangs, high pitched sounds and the odour produced by the fireworks can cause animals anxiety.

Some signs to look out for if your pet is feeling anxious:

Dogs and Cats




Here are some steps you can take to ensure your pets feel safe during the fireworks.


Dogs and Cats



Small animals – Rabbits and Guinea Pigs


Remember when firework season is over, don’t just open your doors and let your cats and dogs straight out. Check their behaviour first, make sure they are settled and not frightened anymore. Always check in your garden is safe from remains of fireworks, as these can fall out of the sky and land around your house. You don’t want you pet to eat or play with these.

If you pet is very anxious during this season or doesn’t return to their normal self, please contact your local Willows branch for advice.

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