6 reasons to get your pet microchipped

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Microchipping, if you don’t know, is the process of inserting a small chip under your pet’s skin. The microchip contains a unique code, which is linked to a database where essential information about your pet, such as your contact details can be found when it is scanned.

Microchipping has made reuniting lost pets with their owners a much easier process, and that is just one of the benefits of it! Here is our round up of 6 reasons you should get your pet microchipped.

  1. Unlike a collar, a microchip cannot be removed – that’s right, once it’s been implanted, it’s with your pet for life! This is great because if your pet gets stolen, it would be very difficult for them to be sold on with your details on the microchip.
  2. Inserting a microchip is a safe and easy procedure. The microchip is about the same size of a grain of rice, which is injected underneath your pet’s skin.
  3. If your pet goes missing and is found by a member of the public, they can take your dog to a veterinary practice or other animal organisation to be scanned. They will then use a handheld scanner to check for a microchip, and if one is found it will pull up your details so you can be reunited with your pet!
  4. As long as your pet is big enough, you can have them ‘chipped. Every pet from rabbits to horses can get a microchip, and even tortoises too!
  5. Microchipping is affordable! You will only pay a one-off fee to have your pet microchipped. You can get a microchip included with one of our Puppy or Kitten Packs or take advantage of our amazing cat microchipping offer throughout May for £15.
  6. Legally your dog must be chipped and this is becoming a requirement for cats too in 2023. The government are making it a legal requirement for all cats and dogs to be microchipped in a bid to reduce the amount of strays being taken into animal shelters. If your cat or dog aren’t microchipped you could get a fine of up to £500.

Have you got your pets microchipped? If not, give your local Willows branch a call and get booked in today!

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