Horse Health

My horse is lame, what should I do?

My horse was playing in the field and slipped on a bit of mud. He is slightly lame, what should I do?

In a lot of cases lameness from playing in the field is harmless and will be resolved with rest, but in some cases more permanent damage may be caused. An equine vet will be able to decide on the best course of action to help them recover or whether they need to refer your horse for further investigation with a specialist.

Can horses eat wild garlic

I have been told that horses love garlic and that it is very good for them but my horse ignores the wild garlic that grows on the edge of the field – is wild garlic different ?

Essentially wild garlic and cultivated garlic are the same but as the goodness in the plant is contained in the bulb which is underground the horses won’t be attracted to it. The leaves of wild garlic offer no benefit and horses are very good at eating beneficial plants. Many people believe that Garlic can be useful in horses for skin conditions, keeping off flies and to aid breathing but there is no good scientific eveidence to support that.

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