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Budgie with diarrhoea

I have a budgie and although I never change his diet, every so often he gets diarrhoea. It lasts a couple of days at a time and then clears up. What could be causing this?

This problem may be caused by over eating or he may need worming

Can I cut my budgie’s toe nails?

My budgie’s nails are really long. Can they be cut and is this something I can do ?

The nails can be cut. It would be wise to ask your vet to show you how to do this correctly the first time and then you should be able to do it yourself. Basically, you hold the budgie in one hand so that the wings are held tight. Turn the budgie upside down and with a pair of regular nail scissors trim off the light coloured nail at the top.

You may need to do this in stages as the ‘quick’ (the part with blood vessels in) grows with the nail and if this is cut will cause bleeding and injury to the bird.

Budgies droppings

Why are my budgies droppings green rather than black and white ?

Green droppings are quite normal in a budgie but if they have suddenly changed colour and you have not changed your budgies diet then it could be a stress reaction or an indication of a more serious kidney or intestinal problem. The best advice is to have him/her checked out.

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